Ryoko Portable Wifi Router

Portable WiFi That Fits In Your Pocket.

A strong internet connection is pretty much essential to life these days. You need to know that the connection you are using is secure, fast and reliable. 

You can find free public WiFi almost anywhere: airports, hotels, cafes, trains, and even public parks. However, these connections are often troublesome. They can be difficult to connect with, painfully slow and are often not secure. 

We want peace of mind, knowing that wherever we go we have a secure and reliable WiFi connection that we can count on. 


The Ryoko Portable WiFi Router gives you that peace of mind.


The Ryoko Portable Wifi Router is a 4G LTE wireless router that fits in your pocket. Get a strong and secure WiFi connection anywhere you go. 


Dangers Of Public WiFi


The dangers of using public WiFi are well documented. Internet hackers and scammers have become experts in gaining access to your phone or laptop through a compromised public WiFi network. 


It’s impossible to detect and anyone can fall victim. 


Here are just some of the dangers of using public WiFi: 


  • Theft of personal information including login credentials, financial information and personal data.


  • Cyberattacks on businesses.


  • Man-In-The-Middle attacks.


  • Unencrypted connections.


  • Malware distribution.


  • Session Hijacking


These hackers could access all your information without you even knowing. They are simply waiting for you to log into a public WiFi network they have hacked into, and by the time you find out it’s too late. 


The Ryoko Portable WiFi Router is a device that fits in your pocket and allows you to bring a secure and reliable WiFi connection with you everywhere you go.

Working From Home


With working from home very much a part of our lives now, you need to be prepared. Is there anything more frustrating than trying to work using an unstable or slow WiFi connection? Especially when you have a deadline to meet.


Say your home Wifi goes down and you need to attend a virtual meeting? Or maybe your current Wifi doesn’t reach every room in the house?


Even if you find yourself out and about. Maybe you are in a cafe, staying in a hotel or on a train and you need to get some work done. The public WiFi networks can be unsafe and unreliable. You need a connection you can trust.


The Ryoko Portable WiFi Router is perfect for any WiFi related emergency.


What is it?


  • The Ryoko Portable Wifi Router is a 4G LTE wireless router that fits in your pocket. Connect to reliable and secure WiFi anywhere at any time.


  • Ryoko allows you to connect up to ten devices without the speed of the WiFi being effected.


  • With 12 hours battery life, the Ryoko can keep you connected on the go, for when you can’t get to a power connection.


  • This device comes with a preloaded SIM with 500MB of data. The device allows for different carrier so simply replace the SIM when finished.


  • Connect with smartphone using QR code shown on device screen, alternatively go to your device WiFi settings and connect in seconds.

There are no contracts and no hidden charges. This is a simple solution to your WiFi needs.


Take your Ryoko with you everywhere and never be stuck without a reliable and safe connection again. 


Order your Ryoko Portable WiFi Router today to say hello to secure, fast and reliable WiFi wherever you are.


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