Enence Pocket Translator

Do you live abroad or love to travel? Maybe your work involves you interacting with a range of nationalities? Stop wasting time and money on trying to learn new languages. With this pocket translator you can be an expert in more than 36 languages instantly.

With this simply tool that fits in your pocket you have the ability to converse freely in almost any language on earth.

How It Works:

Step 1:
Download the Enhance Pocket Translator app, available for free on Android or IOS. 

Step 2:
Connect the Enhance Pocket Translator to your phone using Bluetooth.

Step 3:
Using the app on your phone, choose the language you wish to translate.

Step 4:

Hold the ‘A’ button on the pocket translator while you speak and release the button to get instant audio translation into the foreign language. Hold the ‘B’ button while the other person speaks and release to get instant audio translation into your language.

It couldn’t be easier!

Being multi-lingual is almost a necessity in todays society. Often the modern workplace contains people from a variety of nationalities, speaking a variety of languages. If you want to become successful in that world you need to be able to keep up and communicate effectively with your peers.

In addition to this, if you are someone who travels a lot for work, this is the ultimate tool to make travelling from country to country a breeze. Leave language barriers behind with the Enhance Pocket Translator.

Globalisation has meant that the world is becoming increasingly interconnected. There is a huge exchange of people, culture and goods happening all over the world every day.

Many studies have show that being able to communicate in a second language leads to higher pay. It’s been found that bilingual employees generally receive between 10-20% more per hour when compared to employees who only speak one language. With the Enhance Pocket Translator you can have conversations in any language become a part of that 10-20% elite, earning more than the average employee.

On a given day your work could have you dealing in any number of languages. Having the ability to converse and connect in over 36 different languages instantly puts you way ahead of the game. With the Enhance Pocket Translator you can impress co-workers and clients with your ability to communicate.

It is even crucially for finding work, with the demand for bilingual employees doubling in the last 5 years. The modern workplace is supremely competitive and being able to communicate in multiple languages is expected in many fields. Recent studies have shown that if 2 job candidates have similar experience, but one is bilingual and the other is not, the candidate who is bilingual has an 85% higher chance of being offered the job.

If you are someone who is looking to make changes and improve your quality of life by finding a better job, the Enhance Pocket Translator can give you that power. It is a huge edge to have over another candidate, and in such a competitive market that could be what makes the difference.

Take a look at some of the languages the pocket translator will help you translate:

We all love our holidays. Whether your ideal get-away involves exploring a beautiful foreign city or relaxing on an exotic beach, being able to communicate with the locals would make things a whole lot easier.

Asking for directions and restaurant recommendations, buying things in stores or just general communication is made super easy with the Enhance Pocket Translator. Simply speak into the pocket translator and it will instantly translate your speech into any language you like. The device also has the ability to translate any other language into yours, making conversation easy and painless.

Even if you are a backpacker, trekking across Europe, Asia or South America, conversing and communicating with locals is made easy no matter what country you find yourself in with the Enhance Pocket Translator.

You can make the most of your travels and live like a local with this fantastic new gadget.

The Enhance Pocket Translator is the perfect gadget for anyone looking to improve their language skills and need instant and accurate translation in their pocket. Make sure you order your’s today while the special offer still stands.


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