Smart Sensor Garbage Bin

How to hide the ugly plastic bag and hide all the ugly looking trash? How trash bin can make your rooms more fancy?. This is a wonderful plastic trash bin, great for bathrooms, keeps waste hidden and pets out! It tucks into small spaces nicely and does a pretty good job hiding odors as well. And trashcan is designed so well that it perfectly hides ugly trash bags and your privacy, such as feminine products, condom or dog poop bags.



It will add beauty to work and life wherever it is placed. The perfect size for bathroom, bedroom, office, kids room, toilet, apartments, condos, campers, RVs, dorm rooms, cabins and tiny homes and other small spaces

Intelligent induction, the induction area is doubled. The cutting edge design is so handy to open by hand or even by knee. No need to bend down. Waterproof function is upgraded to IPX5 plus long battery life up to 1 YEAR.




Europe and America air damping technology is integrated for slow down cover, quiet opening and closing. 


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