Stabilise And Clean Your Homes Electricity

Our homes use an extraordinary amount of electricity. Fridges, washing machines, lights, TVs, phone chargers, the list goes on and on. All that electrical current to keep these things working is flowing through your house all day and all night.


Electrical currents can become unstable and cause shocks or surges if they are not controlled properly. This could lead to you being charged for wasted and dirty energy that is not being used.


You need to straighten and clean the electrical current in your home. You need a StopWatt.

The StopWatt is a specially designed inline device that steadies the electrical current in your home. When the StopWatt is plugged into your electrical framework it begins to take unoptimised, chaotic electrical flow and apply structure to it. This stabilises the flow and reduces electrical bleed off that would otherwise be lost.

Optimising your home’s electrical flow could help you do three things:


  • Save money.

By reducing the amount of wasted and unused electricity in your home you are reducing power consumption at the meter.  This could begin to have a positive effect on your electricity bill each month.


  • Reduce Energy Consumption.

We all need to play our part in creating a greener, less wasteful society. By reducing your energy consumption you are reducing your carbon footprint and helping in the fight against global warming.


  • Reduce Overheating. 

Overheating can damage your electrical circuit or even cause fires and explosions. It is important to keep the flow of electricity under control. The StopWatt stabilises and cleans your homes electricity to help eliminate surges and shocks.



With the StopWatt, instillation only takes seconds. Simply plug it into a wall socket and it begins to stabilise and clean your homes electricity instantly. 


Another reason why the StopWatt is so popular is that it requires zero maintenance. We lead busy lives, and the last thing we need is another thing on our to-do list. Once you have plugged it into your electrical circuit, that’s it. The StopWatt gets to work and takes care of itself.


When deciding where to place the StopWatt, it is recommended to place one as near the main power source as possible to optimise effectiveness. For larger dwellings, another one may be needed at the opposite end of the house to completely stabilise and clean the current the whole way around the circuit.


The StopWatt helps you reduce your energy consumption, stabilise your electrical circuit and reduce overheating in your home. Make sure to order one today and begin to see an improvement on your energy bill. 


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