One Second Rapid Heating

Provides heat instantly with advanced infrared technology for indoor or outdoor which needs constant heat in the winter.
Heats an distance of up to 10 ft - The heating tube is made of carbon fiber which the electric heating conversion efficiency is up to 95%.And with a more than 90% reflectivity mirror aluminum reflector that can speed up the heat and make the heating distance longer. You can feel the heat even ten feet away
Quiet, clean and no peculiar smell - The heater is electricity instead of propane which is odorless ,clean,quiet,and no chemical, fume being produced. Give you a comfortable environment and save your electricity 50~60% than traditional heater.
Remote Control - The heater supports remote control up to 200 inches away and with a 1-9hours timer,and a mode setting of 700W,1500W .
Overheating Protection - ETL listed safety certification.Uthfy outdoor heater can automatically detect the temperature and when the heater is overheated, it will shut-off automaticly, as a safe guardian always protecting you and your families.
24 month warranty service - The heater has a strong Aluminum alloy casing, which won't crack or chip. The service life of carbon fiber heating tube is more than 6000 hours.And we provides you with a 24-month warranty.
Care instructions: Hand Wash

Adopt infrared heating and radiation technique to achieve fast warming. you will be impressed with how quickly the heater heats up
Quiet,peace and no peculiar smells when it works ,cause the heater runs on electricity instead of propane.
Carbon fiber heating tube has the function of overheating protection to ensure the daily use of electricity safety
Save your electricity 50~60% than traditional heater.

The heater has 2 levels of heat which the low level is 700W and the high level is 1500W.
There are 3 buttons on the heater,one is used to turn on and off,the second allows you to select the heating level, and the third can set the timing function of 1-9 hours.
There is a waterproof cover outside the power button. If you have just washed your hands, you can safely turn on or off the heater.

Multi-functional remote control: nice feel, full functions, easy operations.
It supports on/off ,different heat choice and timer sets functions.
Remote control distance is up to 200 inches

Strong Aluminum alloy casing, which won't crack or chip.
Aluminum alloy won't rust if you get them wet.
Light cover makes it easy to install

It is easy to assemble and install.. We provide installation tools and screws.

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